Wirsol Energy Ltd. adds an additional 47MWp to their UK portfolio of non-subsidised solar

  • Low Farm Solar Park, Lincolnshire – 20MWp DC Capacity
  • Sweeting Thorns Solar Park, Lincolnshire – 27MWp DC Capacity

WIRSOL Energy, the company accountable for the UK and Australian markets within the WIRCON Group announce a further acquisition of 47MWp of non-subsidised solar across two large-scale projects, both located in Lincolnshire; Low Farm and Sweeting Thorns Solar Parks. These two projects combined will be constructed over an impressive 185 acres of land, with a commencement forecast of Q2 2018.

The securing of these two project rights follows in WIRSOL’s quest to construct and connect a portfolio of circa 150MWp across six non-subsidised projects that will be built over the next 12-18 months. All six projects will be designed to accommodate the addition of solar storage in the forthcoming future, which will be considered as phase II. With the portfolio nearing completion, WIRSOL demonstrate they remain a major player in the UK renewable energy market. This adds to our announcement of initiating an IPO of our Australian portfolio under the newly formed company Bright Acre Energy.

Mark Hogan, Managing Director of WIRSOL Energy Ltd. states;

“We are delighted to have secured the projects rights of over half the proposed portfolio. Our UK procurement and technical design teams combined with our long-lasting partnerships have collectively made the non-subsidised solar journey possible. We strongly base our success on our adaptability and competence to react in alignment with market conditions. The acquisition of all four subsidy free solar parks to date (Low Farm, Sweeting Thorns, Outwood Phase II and Trowse Newton Phase II) at a total of 63MWp, validates WIRSOL’s ability to perform resourcefully whilst driving revenue. We are all now focused and excited to proceed onto the construction stage of these projects which will commence imminently. Our extensive pipeline remains in development which will complete our first non-subsidised portfolio here in the UK.”

Peter Vest, Managing Director of WIRCON GmbH states;

“The UK team have made some remarkable progress into the non-subsidised solar market; these projects are an exciting step which mark the beginning of our first UK subsidy free portfolio. WIRSOL Energy are reaching extraordinary milestones in both the Southern and Northern hemispheres and play an important role in the WIRCON brands international growth strategy. The future is set to be rewarding for all parties.”